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Ofat Testimony Concept is a registered Global Education and General Consultant firm. Our objectives is focused on emancipation of the future generations. We are determined to raise the standard of education in our community and in diaspora. We have been involved in promoting qualitative education by organizing seminars, workshop for Government, under the Federal Republic of Nigeria and private establishments and assisting prospective students in securing admission into several foreign universities and international Tests likes GMAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL AND GRE. Our great landmark achievement in this respect can not be overemphasized. We are in the area of establishing private schools for prospective investors in the educational sector, representation of educational institutions, organisation of seminars, workshops Trainings and promoting of educational programmes. We also offer advisory services on educational programmes and the like. This firm is manned by seasoned educational administrators, scholars, and technocrats who have acquired wide experience in education.
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